Quantum Reports

assorted books on wooden table
assorted books on wooden table

AMG Consultancy Services, offer expert witness Quantum Reports tailored to the needs of solicitors and their clients. Whether instructed on behalf of the Claimant, Defendant, or through joint instruction, our dedicated team ensures thorough analysis and comprehensive documentation.

Flexible Service Delivery

Understanding the importance of convenience, our experts are available to visit clients nationwide during flexible hours, including evenings and weekends. We prioritise client availability, offering appointments that accommodate their schedules. Additionally, our experts are committed to attending conferences, joint meetings, and court proceedings as required, providing invaluable support throughout the legal process.

Inclusive Quantum Reports

Our Quantum reports cover a diverse range of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Care Reports: Assessing the care needs and associated costs for affected individuals

  • Occupational Therapy Reports: Evaluating the impact of injuries or conditions on an individual's occupational functioning and outlining necessary interventions.

  • Loss of Service: Calculating the financial implications of the loss of services, such as domestic or personal assistance, due to injury or impairment.

  • Skin Camouflage Reports: Assessment of current skin marking/damage and providing recommendations for skin camouflage products

  • Occupational Health Reports: Assessment of work-related injuries, impact of injuries in the work-place and provide recommendations for alternative paid/voluntary work together with workplace adjustments if required.

  • Physiotherapy Reports: Assessing present function and impact of the injury, and making recommendations for optimum recovery with physiotherapy, aids and equipment and following further interventions such as surgery.

Tailored Solutions

With a focus on accuracy, integrity, and professionalism, the Quantum reports serve as essential tools in legal proceedings, providing solicitors and their clients with detailed insights and evidence-based assessments.