About Us

Our skilled witness experts not only have advanced knowledge in their respective fields but they work methodically and consistently in order to exceed expectations. With over 40 years’ experience, our experts have built strong relationships with many of the leading Solicitors and Medical agencies throughout the UK. We are passionate about client relationships and ensure that you get the very best results based on your specific circumstances.

We offer a range of reports including Quantum, Care/OT, Liability and Case Management.

We benchmark all CPR Part 35 compliant reports against national guidelines, policies and procedures and each expert works to a very high standard.

a wooden judge's hammer on top of a table
a wooden judge's hammer on top of a table

Each stage of the process is addressed in a comprehensive manner in order to help solicitors and medical agencies reach appropriate conclusions about their client’s situations. We offer free estimates on all our reports as well as deferred payment terms if required.

We are also able to advise solicitors on care related matters on the telephone if required – and can provide information regarding the cost of care in extended letter format if needed. Furthermore, we carry out retrospective funding assessments and can also produce reports at short notice.

three women sitting beside table
three women sitting beside table

We believe that the delivery of excellent customer service and communication is fundamental to our continued future success.

If you are looking for immediate appointment availability or wish to discuss our range of services further, please do not hesitate to contact our Legal Office on 01785 719558 (Option 3) or email us direct via contact@amgconsultancyservices.com

Alternatively we are more than happy to receive written approaches detailing the type of report you require. In order for us to match your case to the correct expert, your letter of approach should include the following information;

  • Claimant’s Name

  • Date of incident, cause and injuries sustained

  • A brief outline of the case

  • Address or postcode of any visits that may be required

  • Type of report you require

man writing on paper
man writing on paper